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I’m getting to that age (ew, that just sounds old) where I’m appreciating things in my life that don’t require a lot of extra effort.

Effortless is not to be confused with laziness – that’s the tricky part. Relationships, motherhood, family, church – they all deserve 100% of me. Effortless doesn’t mean to not be fully invested, because there’s nothing worse than sitting back and letting life happen to you. But when you walk the path that God sets before you, things are just easier. Things fall into place. Things make you smile. There’s less heartache, less sadness, less confusion… it doesn’t take a lot of extra work to be happy. Things get messy when you complicate your life.

Sure, there are tough days. Sure, there are bad decisions. Sure, there are difficult scenarios that are unavoidable. In fact, there are going to be times I have to make three times the amount of effort in any given situation, because that’s what it deserves. I’m ok with that. But as an all-encompassing rule of thumb: I’m trying to keep my life effortless.