Preorder is live!

Preorders are live for the new women’s hormone supplements, which you order according to your cycle. This product launches in March, and will begin shipping then.

This new line is a mix of herbs that are science-backed and studied to guide you through every phase of your cycle (news flash: there are three) and menopause. We aren’t covering up symptoms: we are supporting what your body needs.

Cramps. Bloating. Acne. Moods. Low libido. Hot flashes. Low energy. Headaches. It’s all about to be history. Your body was made to do better, and this is the supplement to do it.

The menstrual formula has three different formulas – packaged together, with directions for what to o take, when. See the following graphics for the breakdown. It’s pretty awesome how it works with your body to support you with what you need.

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