2015 Photo Ornament, Christmas, Ornament

Holiday Tradition | Annual Photo Ornaments

Paul and I started a fun tradition when we first got married. It’s not something that’s going to blow you out of the water. It’s not uber creative, it’s not super original… in fact, it’s not original at all. I’m pretty sure a lot of people do this.

We love getting an annual picture frame ornament each year. It’s so much fun to watch these evolve as we grow up and add to our family. Our first two are just us as a young married couple. Then the third year was an ultrasound photo, because Porter was due any day. The following year was his one year old self seated at his big gift for the year – the baby piano. Then, there was the three of us in a photobooth (pregnant-Simon belly not pictured). This year, we’ve added Simon to the mix – and tonight, I’m searching for our 2015 frame. And then I have to figure out which photo to put in there – probably one of the ones I put on our holiday cards (which we totally handed out this year, HELLO).

I’ve gotten ours from Anthropology, Target, and Restoration Hardware in the past, but I’m struggling with finding something different this year… I do love this sled ornament on Amazon, and since the year isn’t on it, I would just have to find a 2015 charm, which shouldn’t be difficult. This is just the right amount of fun and festive.
Do you have any suggestions for photo ornaments that are not too cheesy, not too cheap?