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Hallmark Movies Madness: My Top Picks

I am proud of a lot of things. Birthing two children. Paying my tithe at church. “Dating” while married. The fact that as I grow up, I’ve gotten better at actually finishing beverages rather than just collecting half-empty cups in whatever room I pass through. You know, true growth and empowerment. However, when I introduced my friends to Hallmark Christmas movies, I pretty much felt like my life was complete.

Then, I got a text that just said:

“Lori Laughlin just touched a snowflake on her wall and was transported down a North Pole slide.”

And I felt fulfillment that I just can’t explain.

I couldn’t tell if she was impressed, or amazed, or disgusted, or if it was just sheer indignation… but no matter what the foundation of that text, she could not believe that she was watching what she was watching. I think she was probably meaning to show me just how insane these movies are, but I didn’t take it that way.

I was proud.

You’re welcome. I mean. Just, you’re welcome.

I have a few favorites. I’m not a cat person, but the Nine Lives of Christmas was stellar. Especially when they told each other they loved each other on their first date. It’s fine.
Oh, this was a fun one. In A Very Merry Mix-Up, girlfriend goes home with the wrong guy’s brother (because they basically has the same name as her fiance… an honest mistake. I mean, Bill, Will, it’s close enough) meets his family for the first time, and of course falls in love with the brother… all while her real fiance is a successful jerk and doesn’t seem to care about getting a hold of her when she didn’t show up at his actual family’s house. It was intense.
I just watched Crown For Christmas, with Winnie Cooper Danica McKellar, and loved it. Basically, she was fired from her maid job at a ritzy NYC hotel and was offered the position as a governess for a King and his daughter because she didn’t steal a watch from a wealthy hotel guest. Or something. I don’t know, but it was very Maid In Manhattan meets Princess Bride, so I was a fan.
But, my favorite – my all time favorite, so far – is last year’s Let It Snow, with Dj Tanner Candace Cameron Bure. In fact, I would watch anything with her in it, but this was the best. She works for her dad (Alan Thicke), and she’s high up in his development firm. They buy a lodge and she travels to visit it over Christmas as the project lead, basically to make plans to demolish it and start over with a very “apres ski” type resort. But she falls in love with the down home feel, much to her father’s disgust, likes how she looks in puffy jackets, and basically decides she wants to celebrate every Christmas there, forever and ever amen, with the guy she’s crushing on and his sweet family. I could watch it once a week. It’s just a feel good movie.
In all seriousness: it’s so refreshing to have feel-good movies playing, and I truly do love them. I know they are unbelievably cheesy, but as long as there are Christmas lights in the background and a balsam candle burning… it just feels right.
What’s your favorite? And if you’re not ready to admit it, that’s fine. I’ll just be over here watching them on my TV all day, every day. You admit when you’re ready.

Honorable Mention: ‘Tis The Season For Love, Ice Sculpture Christmas, North Pole: Open For Christmas